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Our seven top tips to help you style your home for viewings – enjoy our latest take on home styling trends and accessories and get ready to accept that 2021 offer.


Title: Our top home styling accessories for 2021

It’s a new year – time to give your home a whole new look? If you’re selling your home, or planning to, our top home styling accessories for 2021 may help you make the right decisions to give your home a mini-makeover without breaking the bank.

And, now that the majority of us are ‘locked down’, you may have more time than usual to get new home accessories ordered online, even taking advantage of the New Year sale prices (if you’re quick!).

With thousands of letting agents keen for your business, how do you know which is the right one for you? Here are seven things to look for when choosing the right letting agent.




How to choose the right letting agent: 7 things to look for

Finding the perfect partner has never been easier. Or so we are told…

In love, you can download an app and find your dream date with the swipe of a finger. Looking for the best home insurance deal to suit you? Comparison sites have got you covered.

But choosing the right letting agent? There’s no app for that (yet).

Last month, we explored the idea of teaming up with a letting agent. We looked at how the right agent can save you time, money and provide peace of mind. (For a recap on the benefits of working with a letting agent, take a look our last blog post Do I need a letting agent? 6 reasons why you might…).

There are over 13,500 estate agents in the UK and the majority of these manage lettings. So how on earth can you tell which is the right letting agent for you?

If you’re a new landlord, established landlord or even thinking about becoming a landlord, a letting agent can help you manage the load. Here are six reasons why you might need a letting agent.


Do I need a letting agent? 6 reasons why you might…

Did you know that a third of the properties in the UK are rentals?

And a large proportion of those are managed by individuals, not agencies?

If you’ve inherited a house, or you’ve moved out of a flat but still own it, it’s more profitable to manage that property rental yourself, right?

Well, yes… and no…

Saving money by managing her property herself is exactly what Christine thought she’d do. Here’s her story:

When Christine’s mother-in-law moved into a nursing home, Christine found herself with a house to manage. Luckily, her friend’s son Ben was looking for a home for his family, so it seemed like the perfect solution to have him move into the vacant house.

Rent was paid on time, and the young family were happy in their new home. Until the month Ben lost his job and wasn’t able to pay the rent. Christine was understanding – after all, Ben was her friend’s son. But two months went by and still no rent. Ben stopped answering his phone, and so Christine approached her friend. After a frosty conversation, Christine’s friend arranged a meeting at the property.

More bad news – Ben’s family had bought a puppy. Christine was shocked by the deterioration in the property over only a few months (she had been reluctant to make regular visits out of concern for invading the young family’s privacy). The dog had chewed at the furniture and door frames. The house smelled.

Christine meanwhile was facing another problem; finding the payments for her mother-in-law’s care, which was dependent on the rental income from her home.

Financially stressed and emotionally drained by the strain the situation was putting on her friendship, Christine called us and poured out her story.

We contacted the tenant and kept a record of all our communications. Dealing with us in an official capacity, rather than with his mum’s lifelong friend Christine, we were soon able to work out a payment arrangement with Ben to recoup the debt.

Ben and his family eventually moved out, but Christine didn’t have to bear the brunt of that situation – that was our job. We then found her reliable tenants, who were not pet owners and who we visited for regular maintenance checks. Christine is now earning a regular rental income without the hassle or heartache of day-to-day management when things go wrong.

Downsizing is a step forward, a positive move full of options and opportunity.


Planning to downsize? Start your new chapter in your next home

Are you starting to feel like you’re rattling around in a house that’s too big for you?

Are you ready to put less time, effort and money into somewhere new?

Have you got your heart set on being closer to family (or further away)? Have you always dreamed of that coastal hideaway or a chocolate box cottage in the countryside?

Now is the time to move on to the next chapter in your life.

When it’s time to start thinking about making changes to your lifestyle, your home may well be your most valuable asset. It is vital that you realise its financial potential.

Now is the time to downsize.

Our tips for winter viewings will show you how to make yours a success, and help to put you in the best position to sell your home this winter.

Winter viewing? How to make yours a success

We all dream of a white winter wonderland. A thick layer of snowy icing on the lawn, roaring fires, candlelit windows, movie afternoons wrapped in thick, downy duvets. The spicy scent of mulled wine drifting in from the kitchen.

If your home is on the market and winter is on the horizon, you couldn’t hope for a more enticing scene…

But what about when the reality of a wet winter bites, with its muddy lawns and leaf-blocked drains?

If you want to win viewers’ hearts this winter, it’s time to tidy, style and sprinkle some sparkle. We can’t guarantee you a Christmas card snow scene, but we can share our best tips for winter viewing success.


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