New year, new move The new year encourages many of us to make positive changes in our lives. A popular choice is pledging to do more exercise, while some people might decide to learn a new skill. But if you were one of the many sellers who p... read more »
How saleable is your home? Try our saleability scorecard and see Selling a home might not be an exact science, but there are a number of factors that will make a huge difference to how successful your sale will be.   Our experience has show... read more »
7 Tips to sell your home in winter If you’re ready to move, you might be wondering whether to put your home on the market now or wait until the spring. Well, although winter may traditionally be a quieter time for home-moving than spring and... read more »
Accidental landlord? What you need to know Some people are landlords because they’ve made a deliberate decision to buy property and rent it out. They’re part of the buy-to-let crowd, who’ve chosen to use property as an investment... read more »
Downsizing, upsizing and right-sizing – MAKE THE RIGHT MOVE FOR YOU   Are you thinking about making a change to where you live? If you no longer need all the rooms in your home, you might have decided to downsize into something smaller. ... read more »
   What does a letting agent actually do? You’ve found and bought a property; perhaps you’ve upgraded or even refurbished it. You’ve no doubt spent time, effort and money on it.   All you need now is a tenant. P... read more »
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