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Selling your home is a huge life choice.  Where do you start, which agent should you use, when is the best time to sell?  These are some of the most common questions you will ask yourself.  So who do you trust to sell your home and how putting your trust in the right agent will help you sell your home. 

How a home looks inside and out can play a big part of it selling or not selling, so it goes without saying that staging your home for photographs and viewings is a something that we really do believe works.  But what is staging and when could it turn in to a refurbishment or renovation?  Home staging originates from

The Autumn/winter months are now officially here with noticeable darker evenings and a temperature drop which means cosy nights in with the fire burning, sipping a hot chocolate! A lovely time to cwtch on the sofa with a blanket and not think of the cold, wet outside. 

If you think and feel like this and don't want to leave the house then your buyers may just be thinking the same thing.  Viewing homes on cold, wet days is really not much fun  - that said, viewing with us all year round is fun - so how do you tempt a buyer in when buyers are few and far between because they don't want to go out in the cold, damp weather.  It does slow down this time of year but you can be in your home for Christmas.  It is time to re-visit and revise your strategy, hopefully your home has not been on too long and you have just started to market but Autumn has crept up fast and you are worried you might not attract a buyer soon. These tips will help you to sell through the winter months. 

Lindway Court - Canton

Located on a desired road, just a few minutes walk to the lovely Victoria Park in Canton, Lindway Court is a beautiful spacious flat offering any buyer fantastic potential.  It had been on the market for 4 months with just a few viewings and it was not attracting any serious attention which we would have expected from a property in this location.

From the outset this may sound like an easy job to do - your property has some photos taken, a description of each room and then uploaded to the internet. Easy to you but no so easy when you have today's buyers to contend with.

As an Estate Agent I see many people every day and what fascinates me are the reasons why they purchase or not purchase a property.  What are they really thinking when they step through your front door?

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