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Hopefully you will find a suitable buyer during those crucial two weeks but if not,  what can you, or your estate agent, do to try and combat this dip in interest.

Simple… Keep the marketing and advertising ‘fresh’. We recommend rotating the main image regularly. The main image needs to gain the buyers attention immediately as with most things, especially property marketing, you only get one chance to make a good impression. 

If the outside of the house isn’t the most appealing feature, use an internal shot as the main image and use the front of the house as image number two. You are not trying to hide anything here, you’re are just maximising the property’s appeal. After all, your buyer won’t be living in the front garden and looking at the house will they?

By rotating the main image, someone who overlooked your property last week might just think ‘wow, that’s a lovely kitchen’, and then make an enquriy, that enquiry could lead to an offer and the offer could lead to a sale.

All to often I see properties stagnating on the market, sometimes for months, just sitting there with the agent waiting and hoping someone will enquire but you or your current agent are not not doing anything to increase the chances of boosting your viewings. There seems to be a misconception that if your property is ‘on the internet’ it will sell. Well that is not the case.  These days that’s the bear minimum requirement. Being on the internet is the new way of saying you are on the market. The issue is that there are many different ways your property can be on the market.

The internet advert is the basic stuff. Clearly, the other factors are that the property is priced correctly, presented well and promoted in the right way but it’s a good start to keeping the marketing ‘alive’ to combat the dip.

I hope this tip works as well for you as it does for our properties. If your property is not attracting viewings then give me a call on 029 2057 5631 or head over to our contact page fill in the details and hit submit and I will be more than happy to help.


Rachel Andrews

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