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So what can you do when it seems no one wants to buy your home. 


If you’ve been trying to sell your home for more than five or six months, without success, we suggest you have a break from the market and remove the listing. why?


  • It gives you a psychological break from the pressure of having your home on the market, and possibly expecting a viewing at any time.  A real weight off your shoulders.
  • It gives your home a break from the media exposure you get when it’s on all the major property websites. 
  • It will reach new and fresh active buyers when you do go back on the market. 


But how long should you take your home off the market for?


We suggest that you take your home off the market for one month for every six-month period you’ve been on the market. So if you’ve been for sale for six months, a one month break is usually enough to refresh interest in your home, but if you’ve been on the market for say two years, then a four month break will ensure buyers it is a brand new property coming to market, and therefore they will see it with fresh eyes.


If you are not especially charmed with your current estate agent’s marketing, then now is the perfect opportunity to change your agent.  This will bring out a whole new look to your home when it launches back on the property websites. 


Sometimes, there is no reason why one home sells and another stays on the market. We would like to make sure your home is relaunched with a bang and makes a big impact, so if you would like to know how we do this, just give us a call and we will have a nice friendly chat with you to help you decide on the best way you can move on.



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