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the US and is the act of preparing a home for sale.  The goal is to make your home more appealing bringing in more buyers and ultimately achieving a quick sale and for a higher price.  Our staging techniques focus on approving a properties appeal by transforming rooms to make them more welcoming and attractive to a buyer. 

Lets not confuse this though with a refurbishment.  The fixtures and fittings i.e the kitchens and bathrooms will stay the same even if they are dated because this is not in the remit of a home stager.  Instead it is more dressing a home for sale.  Imagine your home is going to be printed and featured in a Cardiff property magazine, a two page article with photographs and description; what would you do to prepare each room so it looks it;s best for the photographer? You need to look at your home with a critical eye.  Does that main wall look grubby and could do with a refresh of paint, you may want to add some beautiful candles to the coffee table or flowers on the kitchen centre island.  We love throws and cushions on beds and a cheeky bottle of prosecco on the dining table, each making an impact to how your home will look to a buyer. 

What does it cost? and What if I don't have time? 

You may have loved in your home for a very long time and become attached to its past long term memories, therefore being objective can be hard or you just don't have the time to or skills to make your rooms look their best, therefore commissioning an home stager could be worthwhile.  There are costs to consider though, considering their time and costs of the accessories needed to complete the job.  An average cost would be £300.  Time is usually charged between £30 and £50 per hour and includes the initial assessment, which may include a shopping trip and the report or alternatively they can provide you with a shopping list to your preferred budget guiding you on what shops to go to. 

What do I need to buy? 

The great news is that the items you buy you can take with you, therefore it is important that you like them but also at the same time adding value to your current home.  We would advise to buy candles, bedding, cushions, throws, artwork, accessories and any knick-knacks that will help complete the look.

Where do I find a home stager?

Look no further than us.  We have our own home stager Allyson Hopkins who really knows how to transform a room.  A really good home stager can add a great deal of value to your home which will not only be reflected in the photography but also in the improved confidence of your agent that they will sell your home for a fantastic price. Its worth it!

I am Rachel and I offer this service to all my clients so they sell quicker and for more.  Telephone me today and let me show you how.

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