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"TRUST" - The definition from the English dictionary is - Firm belief in reliability, or ability of someone or something.  And 1.1 says "acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation"   Estate Agents, Banks, Solicitors, Police and Teachers are all examples of where we put our trust.   Trust also means to believe, DO YOU TRUST YOUR ESTATE AGENT?

I hope you said yes because you have chosen your estate agent built on trust that they can sell your home, that they can help you get to your new home or on your new path in life.  If you didn't have complete belief and trust you would not have chosen them.  So, your agent has been chosen and you can now sell your home, right?  Maybe...

It doesn't just finish there and let me tell you why.  Buyers also have to trust the agent and not all buyers trust estate agents.  If the trust is not there then that could lead to uncertain sales, lower offers or no offers at all.  So how can you be sure that the estate agent you choose is a trusted one. 

An estate agent needs to build face to face relationships, they do viewing after viewing on a daily basis and buyers get to see them all the time so being, friendly, warm but most importantly honest in answering any questions buyers will have.  Your buyers will then trust their knowledge and opinions and will look to them for support, so when the right house comes along they will trust their judgement. 

I marketed a property back in the Summer and with my help and suggestions about their home I achieved a sale within a week for more than what they were happy to let it go for.   They told me that they needed my help again when they wanted to purchase a property and telephoned me about various ones they had been to see.  They decided to offer on one they had found but contacted me first because they new I could tell them whether the property would be ideal for them and at the price they wanted to offer.   We had spoke many times before so they trusted my judgement because we had built a foundation of trust and now I have added another happy family to my list because they move in to their new home next week!

So how can you ensure that the agent you choose can be trusted with your buyers?

The ability to hear a voice, see the face and body language creates a memorable visual.  Body language, eye contact and words put together will build a well rounded feeling of trust.  I have been an agent for a very long time and it becomes second nature for me to read non-verbal signals, the ones where know that a buyer will hit asking price and the eye contact they give to each other which says, "this is the one" and the ones that will certainly make an offer from pretty much the start of the viewing.  The ones that you can see are not interested but are just being polite but it's not really their thing.  But your house might be their thing so you must trust that your agent can see this meaning that your agent will likely get them to view and ultimately buy. 

Telesales is a hard job to do, getting someone to trust you over the phone is very difficult because you have to build rapport and find common ground.  This is something to consider when looking at online agents. 

Face to face is much better and building rapport and finding common ground is much easier.  It might be their uniform if they are doing a viewing straight from work, or the local football team are playing which made them a bit late for the viewing due to the traffic - building rapport from face to face common ground sets the scene.  We may notice the busy mum with 2 children in tow and they need more storage space and a place to wind down after a long day, or the carpenter who doesn't quite know that the garage could be his new workshop.  By establishing the trust early on makes a sale more likely. 

So when you choose your estate agent remember what they picked up on at the consultation, how did they build rapport and trust with you.  It will help in getting your home sold faster and for more money. 

I hope this has helped you make the right decision. 

Good luck


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