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1. Selecting your perfect agent

A home sale can be a complex and sometimes a time consuming process, so you want to make sure whoever your agent is, you can trust them. You will be talking to them regularly so you need to make sure you get on with them and that they make you feel confident.  Having confidence in your agent will help you both feel more positive about the move.  Have a look at their reviews, pop in to their office and have a chat with the team, build up your picture of what they are like - invite them around to your home for a consultation and keep in mind how they are with you.  Your agent should show passion, confidence, be friendly and keep your home up to date with regular market reviews. 

2. Staging

The second step is to think about how your home will appeal to buyers - we love home staging but this is not what it's all about.  We aim to give each home it's own identity and make sure it stands out from the rest.  Make sure your chosen agent spends time at your home to get the the feel of how it will fit with the buyers and creating the perfect setting for photographs.  This time will then be shown off in the property brochure, marketing and write up in turn capturing your home emotionally and physically.  We often get praised on our home staging and lifestyle photography because it shows a home in a different way and gets buyers excited to want to view - some say that it doesn't look like that in real life but this is for visual effect to show buyers what a home could look like. 

We are building a dream.  Every buyer has a dream home and wants it to look like the home they saw in a recent home magazine, to show it off to their family and that is why our lifestyle staging works.  By the time they have come to view your home, they already know where the sofa is going to be.  We talk to every buyer about their needs and show them how to create it.  Remember staging helps get people viewing your home. 

3. Strategy

Each of our properties gets the personal treatment when it comes to regularly keeping viewings coming in.  We have a ton of ideas that we implement on a regular basis, tweaking, changing and improving so your home is kept in the eyes of buyers.  And if the viewings go down we know there is need for improvement.  If you have any ideas then we would love hear from you - working with our sellers is a key element too. 

4. Story

At your consultation your agent should get to know you, your home and the history of your ownership and why you are moving.  A story told to your buyers is a brilliant time to make sure your home shines.  First impressions count so make sure you know all the quirky things your home has and tell your buyer - A fun filled viewing is a fantastic start to securing your buyer. 

5. Ending your sale smoothly

It is no secret that once you have agreed a sale that it doesn't end there.  Sales progression is the final step and our sales progression team will make sure this final step runs smoothly.  It can be time consuming but with the right agent who is friendly and knows how to iron out those niggley obstacles, your sale will complete.  We spend a lot of time getting feedback from our sales progression team finding out how we can speed up this process.

Here are some statistics - 33% of sales fall through on average in the UK.  In 2017 we had just 1% fall through - we work hard to make sure all our buyers are qualified, the right fit and making sure our sales progression team hold on to them. 

So if you are thinking of getting your home on the market this year, lets start now and getting to know each other, lets work on your new goal and achieve it in 2018. You can get in touch with us either by telephone 02920 575631, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. our website form or facebook.   We look forward to hearing from you. 

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